Ana Biscaia

Marinha Grande (PT), 1978


Ana Biscaia was born in 1978. She is a graphic designer and illustrator who studied illustration (Master of Fine Arts) in Stockholm, at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Her first illustrated book, Negrume (text by Amadeu Baptista), dates from 2006. She illustrated Poesia de Luís de Camões para todos (selection and organization of José António Gomes), an anthology that in 2009 was granted a distinction of the jury of the National Illustration Award (Portugal). She was awarded the National Illustration Award in 2012 for Clovis Levi’s book The Chair Who Wanted to Be a Couch. Her work for Th e Carnival of Animals, by Rui Caeiro, was also selected by the jury of the TITAN Illustration in Design award. With João Pedro Mésseder, in 2014 she published the book Que Luz Estarias a Ler?, in 2015, Poemas do Conta-Gotas, and in 2017, Clube Mediterrâneo – twelve frames and a devouring that was the basis for the exhibition Club Med at the AltCom 2018 festival. She founded Xerefé, a small book publisher.


Née en 1978, Ana Biscaia est une graphiste et illustratrice qui a étudié l’illustration (Master of Fine Arts) à Stockholm, au Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Son premier livre illustré, Negrume (texte d’Amadeu Baptista), a comparu en 2006. Elle a illustré Poesia de Luís de Camões para todos (sélection et organisation de José António Gomes), une anthologie qui a reçu en 2009 une distinction du jury du National Illustration Award (Portugal). En 2012 elle a reçu le National Illustration Award pour le livre de Clovis Levi, the Chair Who Wanted to Be a Couch. Son travail pour The Carnival of Animals, de Rui Caeiro, a également été sélectionné par le jury du prix TITAN Illustration in Design. Avec João Pedro Mésseder, elle a publié en 2014 le livre Que Luz Estarias a Ler?, en 2015, Poemas do Conta-Gotas et en 2017, Clube Mediterrâneo – douze cadres – qui a servi de base à l’exposition Club Med au Festival AltCom 2018. Elle est fondatrice de Xerefé, une petite maison d’édition.


Nata nel 1978, Ana Biscaia é una graphic designer e illustratrice che ha studiato illustrazione (Master of Fine Arts) a Stoccolma, alla Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Il suo primo libro illustrato, Negrume (testo di Amadeu Baptista), è apparso nel 2006. Ha inoltre illustrato Poesia de Luís de Camões para todos (curatela e organizzazione di José António Gomes), un’antologia che nel 2009 è stata premiata dalla giuria del Premio Illustrazione Nazionale (Portogallo). Ha ricevuto il National Illustration Award nel 2012 per il libro di Clovis Levi e Chair Who Wanted to Be a Couch. Il suo lavoro per The Carnival of Animals, diRui Caeiro, è stato selezionato dalla giuria del premio TITAN Illustration in Design. Nel 2014, in collaborazione con João Pedro Mésseder, ha pubblicato il libro Que Luz Estarias a Ler?; nel 2015 Poemas do Conta-Gotas e nel 2017 Clube Mediterrâneo – dodici fotogrammi da cui è stata tratta la mostra Club Med al Festival AltCom 2018. É fondatrice di Xerefé, una piccola casa editrice.


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