Hamdi Ryder

Tunis (TN), 1992


Born in the heart of Tunis, Hamdi Toukabri AKA Hamdi Ryder is a Tunisian DJ and Producer who’s rising as one of the most important and active artists in the local electronic scene. Inspired from the urban beats, his first steps in Music were made through Hip Hop productions and beat making where he contributed to many projects. As his passion for the groove grew, his journey through the different musical genres had led him to House Music. He released many EP’s since then and remixed artists like Joss Moogand many others. Major House heads like DJ Sneak, Mark Farina,DJ Rasouland Phil Weekssupported his work, and in 2017, Mixmag’s well-known series “Street Player” featured his track “Girl You Need To” in one of their videos. In addition to that, he appeared in the Sonar Off Partiesin Barcelona, as well as in other European cities like Paris, Brussels,Lyon and Berlin.


Né à Tunis, Hamdi Toukabri AKA Hamdi Ryder est un DJ et producteur tunisien reconnu comme l’un des artistes les plus importants et actifs de la scène électronique locale. Inspiré par les rythmes urbains, ses premiers pas dans la musique se sont produits à travers des productions hip hop et beat making. Suite à sa passion pour le groove, son parcours à travers différents genres musicaux l’a conduit à la House Music. Il a sorti de nombreux EP et remixé des artistes tels que Joss Moog et bien d’autres. De grands patrons de la House tels que DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, DJ Rasoul et Phil Weeks ont soutenu son travail. En 2017, la populaire série Mixmag “Street Player” a présenté son morceau “Girl You Need To” dans l’une de leurs vidéos. De plus, il a participé à la Sonar Off Party à Barcelone et dans d’autres villes européennes comme Paris, Bruxelles, Lyon et Berlin.


Nato nel cuore di Tunisi, Hamdi Toukabri AKA Hamdi Ryder è un DJ e produttore tunisino noto come uno degli artisti più importanti e attivi nella scena elettronica locale. Ispirato dai ritmi urbani, i suoi primi passi nella musica sono avvenuti attraverso produzioni hip hop e beat making. Seguendo la sua passione per il groove, il suo viaggio attraverso i diversi generi musicali lo ha portato alla House Music. Ha pubblicato molti EP e ha remixato artisti come Joss Moog e molti altri. I capi della Major House come DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, DJ Rasoul e Phil Weeks hanno supportato il suo lavoro. Nel 2017, la famosa serie di Mixmag “Street Player” ha presentato la sua traccia “Girl You Need To” in uno dei loro video. Inoltre, ha partecipato ai Sonar Off Party a Barcellona e in altre città europee come Parigi, Bruxelles, Lione e Berlino.


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Feel fly invites Hamdi Ryder DJ set, Marla, 12.10.2019, Perugia (TN)