Cartes Mémoire

Visual art

Farah Khelil, Cartes mémoire, 2019. A OAW Commission for OAW 2019. Video © OAW by Francesco Faralli.

An evocative multimedia exhibition that speaks about art and antiquity through the echo of voices, images and souvenirs of residents and visitors. The exhibition unfolds in different rooms of the National Archeological Museum of Umbria, proposing routes and visions of the collection, able of revealing all the information and emotions that images and objects in their elementary form do not convey. Farah Khelil is an acclaimed Tunisian artist living in Paris. Her works have been presented by prestigious galleries and international institutions. CARTES MÉMOIRE is the result of a residence at the Polo Museale dell’Umbria, commissioned by and showcased during OPEN ART WEEK 2019.

Curator: Gaia Toschi
Production: Martina Ammirati, Magdalini Polytaridou
Communication: Angela Giorgi
Graphic design: Muttnik, Roberto Lontano

Supported by POLO MUSEALE DELL’UMBRIA – M.A.N.U. Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria

Special thanks: Luana Cenciaioli, Ilaria Batassa, Silvia Casciarri, Mafalda Cipollone, Francesco di Lorenzo, Luigi de Luca, Franco Fortini, Massimo Paolucci, Silvia Casciarri, Francesco Urbani, Area archeologica di Carsulae, Necropoli etrusca di Crocifisso del Tufo di Orvieto , Teatro romano e Antiquarium di Gubbio , Ipogeo dei Volumni e Necropoli del Palazzone, Velimna.

Farah Khelil, Cartes mémoire, 2019. A OAW Commission for OAW 2019. Images © OAW by Anxhela Satiri.

On Τour with OAW

M.A.N.U. Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria, 8 – 19.10.2019, Perugia (IT)