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Espada is a quintet founded by Giacomo Gigli, The band combines musical experiences from various sources: jazz, psychedelics, alt-country rock. After the first ep Flesh y Steel for the Argentine label Sounds of Delta, the band moved to Foligno, with Rocco Zulevi (Rijgs, Danny Mellow) and MS (author with singer Elvina Pinto of the EP “The Well “, BVR 2015) on guitare; Joe Rehmer (Hobby Horse, El Portal, Giovanni Guidi Rebel Band) on bass; Leonardo Pucci (Pulsar, Danny Mellow) on drums. Espada’s new album is called Love Storm (BVR 2016) and consists of seven songs signed by Gigli.


Espada est un quintet, fondé par Giacomo Gigli. La band combine des expériences musicales de diverses sources: jazz, psychédéliques, rock alt-country. Après le premier EP Flesh y Steel pour le label argentin Sounds of Delta, le groupe s’installe à Foligno, avec Rocco Zulevi (Rijgs, Danny Mellow) et MS (auteur avec la chanteuse Elvina Pinto de l’EP «The Well “, BVR 2015) à la guitare; Joe Rehmer (Hobby Horse, El Portal, Giovanni Guidi Rebel Band) à la basse; Leonardo Pucci (Pulsar, Danny Mellow) à la batterie. Le nouvel album d’ Espada s’appelle Love Storm (BVR 2016) et se compose de sept chansons signées par Gigli.



Espada è un quintetto fondato da Giacomo Gigli. La band unisce esperienze musicali di varia provenienza: jazz, psichedelica, alt-country rock. Dopo il primo ep Flesh y Steel per l’etichetta argentina Sounds of Delta, il gruppo si trasferisce a Foligno, con Rocco Zulevi (Rijgs, Danny Mellow) e MS (autore assieme alla cantante Elvina Pinto dell’EP “The Well”, BVR 2015) alla chitarra; Joe Rehmer (Hobby Horse, El Portal, Giovanni Guidi Rebel Band) al basso; Leonardo Pucci (Pulsar, Danny Mellow) alla batteria. Il nuovo disco di Espada si chiama Love Storm (BVR 2016) e si compone di sette brani firmati da Gigli.



“The common thread of the record can be traced in the great tradition of American song, from folk-rock to alt-country, but it offers various changes of register in several moments. From the soulful ballad of “Dwayne” to the punk-thrash-country of “Hard times”. From the surreal lo-fi western of “Young and Devious” to the liturgical atmospheres of the dilated “The Well”. “Love Storm” confirms Espada as a colorful laboratory open to song form.” Espada


“Le fil conducteur du disque peut être retracé dans la grande tradition de la chanson américaine, du folk-rock au alt-country, mais il propose divers changements de registre en plusieurs instants. De la ballade émouvante de “Dwayne” au punk-thrash-country de “Hard times”. Du western lo-fi surréaliste de “Young and Devious” aux atmosphères liturgiques du dilaté “The Well”. Love Storm confirme Espada comme un laboratoire coloré ouvert à la forme de la chanson.” Espada


“Il filo conduttore del disco è rintracciabile nella grande tradizione della canzone americana, dal folk-rock all’alt-country, ma esso offre in più momenti svariati cambi di registro. Dalla ballata dal gusto soul di “Dwayne”, al punk-thrash-country di “Hard times”. Dal surreale lo-fi western di “Young and Devious” alle atmosfere liturgiche della dilatata “The Well”. Love Storm attesta Espada quale variopinto laboratorio aperto sulla forma canzone.” Espada

Love storm
Credits Giacomo Gigli: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Rocco Zulevi: electric guitars

On tour with OAW

Love storm (Live concert), Café Liber’thé, Tunis (TN), 13.10.2018