19.10 – 19.11.2020
Italian Cultural Institute in Tunis
80 Avenue Mohamed V
Tunis, Tunisia

Open to the public
Mon – Fri : 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00
Sat: 15:00 – 18:00

Exhibition on-line
from 19.10.2020

While the COVID-19 virus continues its rampage across the world, dividing and frightening us, OPEN ART WEEK has chosen to depict this new global challenge through the eyes, the imagination, and the pen strokes of fourteen exceptional international comic artists.

We asked the Biblioteca delle Nuvole – one of Italy’s most important comic book and illustrations libraries -, the multi-award winning Tunisian collective Lab619, and the Swiss association Fokus Illustration to create, all three with their own pool of artists, a collectible story to illustrate this incredible historic moment.

Many took part: master comic artists, screenwriters and illustrators from both sides of the Meditteranean.

Twelve posters were created by original artists, which transport us to an apocalyptic and not too distant future in which the hero-protagonists bravely challenge the new frontiers of today: fear, isolation, natural disasters, the impossibility of travelling, economic opportunism.

Together the posters create an unmissable multilingual circular story, in Italian, Arabic and French. Each is an adventure in itself and is signed by a different artist, but the exhibition is conceived as a round-robin story, a story written collectively, relay-style, able to be read from any starting point.

This exhibition is the second chapter of a homonymous project of a wider scope, promoted by OPEN ART WEEK in 2019 in collaboration with the Biblioteca delle Nuvole and Lab619, to narrate in real time the evolution of barriers and borders of this era.

A free e-book with the first two adventures of “The New Frontier” signed by over 20 artists, is available in Italian, French, Arabic and English.

“The New Frontier” was produced with the generous support of the Italian Embassy, the Italian Institute of Culture in Tunis and in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Tunisia, for the 20th Week of the Italian Language throughout the World, initiative promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), whose theme this year is «Italian in words and images: graffiti, illustrations, comics».

Commission, production and general coordination: OPEN ART WEEK
Artistic coordination: Claudio Ferracci (Biblioteca delle Nuvole), Abir Gasmi (Lab619)
Artists: Claudio Calia, Andrea Calisi, Nadia Dhab, Daniel Drabek, Noha Habaieb, Timothy Hofmann, Fabio Lai, Seif Eddine Nechi, Ahmed Ben Nessib, Francesco Quadri, Giovanni Scarduelli, Emanuele Racca, Sergio Rossi, Kamal Zakour
Graphic design: Kamal Zakour
Translations: Tarek Achour Bouakkaz, Luce Lacquaniti, Catherine Macpherson

In partnership and with the support of the Italian Embassy in Tunis and the Italian Cultural Institute in Tunis.
In collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Tunisia.

The new frontier 2020

In a not so distant future, viruses and pandemics have invaded the Earth and lockdown has become the norm. Scientists have not been able to find vaccines for so many diseases, and people only go out for bare necessities, taking great care to protect themselves. All borders are closed and travel requires special permits rarely granted. At the same time, climate change has caused some countries to become uninhabitable: there are droughts, unbearable temperatures, floods and other natural disasters. People use dangerous means and take enormous risks to move to other countries, simply to survive. But foreigners have become synonymous with danger and contagion, spreaders of viruses. They are rejected, despised, avoided and sometimes attacked. They use different strategies to adapt: they hide or disguise themselves, living almost in parallel societies. They are also exploited by human traffickers to do essential jobs that expose them to diseases.



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