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The new frontier, 2021
on line from 07.05.2021


La nuova frontiera
City Metro (10 metro-stations), Perugia, Italy
05.10 – 27.10. 2019

La nouvelle frontière
Presbytère Sainte Croix, Tunis, Tunisie
20.10 – 27.10.2019

The new frontier #1, 2019 – on-going

Planet Kepler 452b
One journey. 21 adventures.

The year 5956. The earth no longer has any borders, the “world confederation” groups all the nations of the planet into a single empire governed by the same laws, there is free transit between the regions and a single world currency. Meantime the rush to invade space, initiated in 1969 with the first landing on the moon, has become frenetic due to technological advances, leading to the colonization of countless other planets. Some of these have been occupied in order to extract natural resources now exhausted on earth, others because they are useful for the production of energy, but above all many planets, those most similar to the earth, have been “terraformed” (adapted for inhabitation by terrestrials) to host a large part of the world’s population which has increased beyond the limits the earth can support. Among the great technological inventions, it is teleportation in particular which has changed the lifestyle of the earth’s inhabitants and has wiped out the borders in the world. Indeed,with access to a terminal people can press a button in Rome and find themselves in the space of a few seconds having a coffee in Rio de Janeiro, go on in a flash to take a swim in the Red Sea, before going in to the office in New York.

As the teleportation system works in space too, in order to stem the flow of travellers wanting to settle on the various planets, interplanetary legislation has prohibited the construction of arrival terminals on planets other 1 of 12 than the earth, and people and goods travel with the old system: spaceships. Many inhabitants of earth however dream of a new life on a better planet. Of these, Planet Kepler 452b, the second planet of the star Kepler 452, is the most sought-after, as it was discovered that the terrestrials who emigrated there ( and their successors) live twice as long as people do on earth. Thus two parallel organizations sprung up, a criminal organization which transports people illegally demanding great amounts of money, and a humanitarian one which transports people who are healthy but nearing the end of their lives, in the conviction that everyone has the right to extend their lifespan on Kepler.

Commission, production and general coordination: OPEN ART WEEK
Artistic coordination: Claudio Ferracci (Biblioteca delle Nuvole), Abir Gasmi (Lab619)
Artists: Amalia Alvarez, Helmi Barda, Ana Biscaia, Felipe Kolb Bernardes, Sudario Brando, Marco Cannavó, Chakib Daoud, Kaouther Dissem, Mattias Elftorp, Claudio Ferracci, Jacopo Gagliardoni, Abir Gasmi, Yasmine Gdiri, Korina Hunjak, Marco Leombruni, Leviathan, Elida Maiques, Ale Martoz, Jacopo Mattelli, Julia Nascimento, Seif Eddine Nechi, Filippo Paparelli, Nikolaj Servettini, Aroussi Tabbena, Moez Tabia, Kamal Zakour
Graphic design: Kamal Zakour, Muttnik
Translations: Fethia Moussa, Catherine Macpherson
In partnership with: Biblioteca delle Nuvole (IT), Lab619 (TN), Tusen Serier (SE), Hybriden (SE)





Biblioteca delle Nuvole
The Biblioteca delle Nuvole is one of the largest specialized comic and illustration libraries in Italy. Located in the city of Perugia, the library is open to the public. Admission is free. Users are entitled to both consult and borrow books. Guided tours are organized by appointment. The Biblioteca delle Nuvole offers also drawing classes; cartoon-technique courses; seminars; art talks; personal and thematic exhibitions; conferences and screenings devoted to the promotion of comic art.

Lab619 is an open and independent collective of experimental Tunisian comics, founded in 2013. It produces a comics magazine for adults, the first of its kind in Tunisia.

Tusen Serier
Tusen Serier wants to open up the Swedish comics culture to make it a bit less Swedish. The association wants a greater variety in voices and perspectives, something that was missing in a homogenous publishing climate in a segregated Sweden. This is done mainly through publishing, workshops and exhibitions, but also by organizing the AltCom comics festival, running the exhibition space/comic shop Hybriden with the association CBK, as well as Fanzineverkstaden, a collective workshop for selfpublishing comics creators.

Hybriden is a combined (currently digital) exhibition space/webshop for comics/prints/zines, run by the cultural associations/non-profit publishers CBK and Tusen Serier. Hybriden is also a larger structure/network which also contains Wormgod, the AltCom festival, Fanzineverkstaden and the Fosfor zine distro


On-line exhibition, ITALY / SWEDEN